A Page From My Journal

Random thoughts captured in my journal.

  • A Page From My Journal

    What the Heck is Self Care? A Page From My Journal

    This is another rambling installment from my journal that I wrote a several weeks ago. I talk about self care a lot in my life with my clients and decided I needed to journal more about it. I watched a video on growth journaling. It was kind of a cool video and there is another one that I want to watch. Basically, this guy wrote like 730 days in a row. And did this method of growth journaling. He stated he looked at a problem in his life and rather than focus on the solutions, he focused on removing all the issues standing in his way to reach that goal.…

  • A Page From My Journal

    Ways I Used Procrastination to Avoid Writing

    So, let’s talk about procrastination. Today was the first day that I was completely conscious of procrastinating. I set a goal last night of writing for 15 minutes before my clients and as I sit down it is 9:38. My first client is at 10:00. I managed to do things that I hadn’t done in days. Threw a load of laundry in. Played on FB when I’ve been trying to stay off of that before I do my morning stuff. By the way, this is going to count as my daily practice. It is part of it but not all. I even put toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet to…