Next Steps in Bullet Journaling

What happens after you've begun bullet journaling.

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    Do You Review? Review Your Month! Pt. 2

    Do You Review? Review Your Month, Year! Pt. 2 Did you review your week using the questions I posted in Pt. 1? How did it go? Did you celebrate your small wins? I have to confess! I am an impulse spender. When something happens, as did last week when the spacebar on my laptop stopped working and all efforts to fix it were thwarted, my first impulse is to replace. In this case, purchasing a desktop as a complement to my system. However, I was able to simply put it into my wish list and move forward. As I type this on an external keyboard, I am trying to remember…

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    Do You Review? Review Your Week, Month, Year, pt 1

    Weekly Review As the end of the year is drawing near, it is often a time to review the previous year and looking toward the future. But do you have any idea of how to review your life? Let’s look at the weekly review first. Before I began to use a bullet journal, I was a planner addict. Often, I would purchase two or more in a year because something just wasn’t working in the one I’d picked up. My go-to journal for years was the Franklin Planner. These are absolutely beautiful planners but as with everything, things change. And my favorite planner changed a lot. I didn’t like the…