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    Creating a Journaling Ritual (Or Other Types of Rituals)

    Creating a Journaling Ritual (or writing ritual) to build habits. Creating rituals and habits aren’t as easy as it sounds.  It takes a willingness to look at your life and the habit you want to cultivate. It also requires intention.  A final thought is to have a goal in mind. I’m not saying that you need to have a SMART goal set, just a general “I want to write in my journal every day.” Or, “I will write three joys from my day each evening.”  Simple and to the point, and perhaps a bit of a smart goal. That’s okay too. Creating Rituals When you begin to create rituals for…

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    How Many Is Too Many Journals?

    Do I have, and use, too many journals? As I’ve mentioned, I have been an avid journal writer for my life. Journals have been part of my packing list since I was a teen. Even if I didn’t always write in them, there was some comfort in knowing that I had a journal tucked in when I was away from home. I am currently away from home. And I’ve packed my journals. Yes, I said journals. Here is a picture of the journals I packed for this weekend: I posted this picture on Instagram and asked, did I have too many? Of course, the answer that I received from many…

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    Morning Pages – What Are They and How Are They Useful?

    About five years ago, I had an epiphany. And, morning pages helped me to understand and realize that epiphany. I’d wanted to be a writer for my entire life. In fact, when I was in first grade, six-years old, my teacher told us we were going to write a book. And, I was beyond myself with excitement. Reading and books were important to me. Reading came easy for me and, by this time, I’d been reading for years so the idea to write a book was amazing. Imagine my complete and utter disappointment, when I realized that I would only be able to write a single page. And, I wouldn’t…