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    Discovering the Joy and Lessons of your Life

    I’ve recently rediscovered the need to acknowledge the joy and lessons in life. The last 30 days of my life have been interesting and incredibly busy. We welcomed our third grandson a month ago and he is the sweetest thing. His brothers are also sweet, just really big. In this time, I’ve done very little with my own stuff. I’ve worked up and have had things scheduled every weekend which makes me forget to take care of me. My goal for the next several months is to work at self care. I hope you find the things I’ve learned as amazing as I do. But first, I want to talk…

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    Morning Pages – What Are They and How Are They Useful?

    About five years ago, I had an epiphany. And, morning pages helped me to understand and realize that epiphany. I’d wanted to be a writer for my entire life. In fact, when I was in first grade, six-years old, my teacher told us we were going to write a book. And, I was beyond myself with excitement. Reading and books were important to me. Reading came easy for me and, by this time, I’d been reading for years so the idea to write a book was amazing. Imagine my complete and utter disappointment, when I realized that I would only be able to write a single page. And, I wouldn’t…

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    A Most Helpful Journal Technique – Expressive Writing

    June’s Journaling Technique is Expressive Writing In my last post, I spoke about anxiety and while I didn’t speak directly to journaling, anxiety is one of those things that journaling can help. A lot. One technique to use is Expressive Writing. Often, when we are dealing with anxiety, there are so many things mixed in to make our anxiety worse. We worry about so many things, things in the present, past and the future. By writing some of those worries, we can learn to let go of those things. The Expressive Writing technique is a fabulous technique. It is also well studied. James Pennebaker began studying this technique in the…