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Specific ideas to enhance journaling.

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    A Most Helpful Journal Technique – Expressive Writing

    June’s Journaling Technique is Expressive Writing In my last post, I spoke about anxiety and while I didn’t speak directly to journaling, anxiety is one of those things that journaling can help. A lot. One technique to use is Expressive Writing. Often, when we are dealing with anxiety, there are so many things mixed in to make our anxiety worse. We worry about so many things, things in the present, past and the future. By writing some of those worries, we can learn to let go of those things. The Expressive Writing technique is a fabulous technique. It is also well studied. James Pennebaker began studying this technique in the…

  • Weekly Prompt List

    In Just Five Minutes, Vol 3

    For this week’s volume of In Just Five Minutes, Vol 3, we will be exploring what makes us tick. One of the best things about journaling is the ability to learn new things about ourselves. And the following prompts are will help you do just that: What brings you joy? What frightens you? If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Who are you? Using 10 words, describe yourself. If this is your first chance to see the In Just Five Minutes prompt, be sure to check you the Five-Minute Sprint exercise to help you begin. I would love to hear how you are using the…

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    A Basic Journaling Practice – WRITE Exercise

    Each month, my goal is to give my readers a new journaling exercise and here is May’s – the WRITE exercise. Each day when you come to the blank page you can use this specific exercise, with or without a prompt, for your entry. And, it doesn’t take long. I have journaled for nearly my entire life beginning with those little lock and key diaries that I never kept up. Sometimes I think I liked the idea of journaling much better than the actual process of journaling. Or perhaps I just didn’t know enough. I wish I’d had this exercise when I first began. Although I’ve always carried a book…