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Suggestions to use when you face the blank page.

  • Weekly Prompt List

    In Just Five Minutes, Vol 3

    For this week’s volume of In Just Five Minutes, Vol 3, we will be exploring what makes us tick. One of the best things about journaling is the ability to learn new things about ourselves. And the following prompts are will help you do just that: What brings you joy? What frightens you? If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Who are you? Using 10 words, describe yourself. If this is your first chance to see the In Just Five Minutes prompt, be sure to check you the Five-Minute Sprint exercise to help you begin. I would love to hear how you are using the…

  • Weekly Prompt List

    In Just Five Minutes, Vol 2

    Hello. Here is the next installment of In Just Five Minutes, Vol 2. Sometimes it is easy to make a journal entry. And sometimes it’s not. For those times when it’s not easy, here are five more to jump start your writing. I remember… I don’t remember… Right now I’m feeling… My favorite way to spend the day is… I really wish others knew this about me… Don’t forget, you can use use the Five-Minute Sprint exercise to help you build your journaling habit. I hope your week goes well. Until next time, Angela Please subscribe for more journal prompts and to get all the updates from Use Your Journal.

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    In Just Five Minutes, Vol 1

    Did you know that you could journal for five minutes a day and still reap benefits? You can! Each week, I will be sending out five prompts to jumpstart your journal writing. You can choose to do one per day or you can pick one and write about that one all week. The fabulous thing about journaling is that you can write about the same subject every day and, each day, learn something new. The Five-Minute Sprint The Five-Minute Sprint is a simple technique that you can do anywhere and at any time. When you are having a difficult day, take a break, do a 5 minute sprint to process…