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Do You Review? Review Your Month! Pt. 2

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Review Your Month and bullet journal.

Do You Review? Review Your Month, Year! Pt. 2

Did you review your week using the questions I posted in Pt. 1? How did it go?

Did you celebrate your small wins?

I have to confess! I am an impulse spender. When something happens, as did last week when the spacebar on my laptop stopped working and all efforts to fix it were thwarted, my first impulse is to replace. In this case, purchasing a desktop as a complement to my system.

However, I was able to simply put it into my wish list and move forward. As I type this on an external keyboard, I am trying to remember this as a win. The external stuff is inconvenient at most.

This is a big win for me. And I was happy to write it down.

This week we move onto a monthly review.

One of the things I realized as I did my weekly review was that all of the things I accomplished or didn’t, were in my #bujo and all I had to do was review and reflect.

Monthly reviews can be just as easy.

If you’ve done your weekly reviews, it is as simple as looking over those and deciding which ones you can move. Whether or not you do the weekly reviews, monthly reviews can be done by looking through your journal, planner or bullet journal.

Always remember that small win’s count.

When you get ready to review your month, you are probably wondering what to look for or what questions to ask. Well, here are a few that I found on Rachel Stephens youtube channel. And, I think she credited Boho Berry. I do follow Boho Berry but I’ve not seen the particular video where she talks about monthly reviews.

Here are the questions:

Accomplished – What did you accomplish in the previous month? Accomplished can mean things completed. It can mean big wins like getting blog posts out as planned – that would be one of mine if I can accomplish it. It can be whatever you feel you’ve accomplished.

If you are a planner and goal setter, did you meet any big goals this month? Did you finish that project? Did you reach that goal?

Big Events – Did you have something big happen in your life during the month? And I don’t think this is reserved for weddings and babies either. It is about whatever big things are happening in your world right now.

Most Proud Of – What things are you most proud of? What things did you fight until the end to reach and you are still in wonder that you actually did it? Did you have a tough small win that needs to be recognized?

Be proud of yourself for the big and small things, and everything in between.

Challenges – Let’s face it. Everyone has challenges. Everyone has things that could be better. Each one of us has things we could work on. This is the place for those things you didn’t quite reach and want to work on them more in the coming months.

I do think challenges can be big or small. After all, this is your life and you get to decide what to do with it.

Don’t Forget

Two things I want to remind you of as you spend this time in the review: 1. It’s not an excuse to beat yourself up, and 2. Be honest. These are two things to keep in mind whenever you are reflecting on your life


Taking time to review your month is a good way to learn from your life.

It is too easy to forget about the previous month, especially when things get rough. It is easy and appealing to keep moving because there is always something to do, always another thing on that to-do list. Give yourself the gift of review and reflection to find the lessons and growth you’ve achieved.

Life doesn’t come with grades.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve don’t a review of your month. I would love to hear from you.

Until next time,

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