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Do You Review? Review Your Week, Month, Year, pt 1

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Weekly review in bullet journal and coffee.
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Weekly Review

As the end of the year is drawing near, it is often a time to review the previous year and looking toward the future. But do you have any idea of how to review your life?

Let’s look at the weekly review first.

Before I began to use a bullet journal, I was a planner addict. Often, I would purchase two or more in a year because something just wasn’t working in the one I’d picked up.

My go-to journal for years was the Franklin Planner. These are absolutely beautiful planners but as with everything, things change. And my favorite planner changed a lot. I didn’t like the newer version so I began my search for the perfect planner.

One thing most of the planners I’d used previously had in common was the ability to set goals. Now, these came in various forms but goal setting isn’t my thing in almost any form.

Since beginning bullet journaling, I’ve realized that review and reflection are built-in as part of the bujo process.

I’m still not good at it.

As I am looking forward to 2020, one thing I would like to add to my bujo is weekly and monthly reviews. You can use any planner or regular journal too. My bujo is just convenient as I use it nearly every day.

Actually, what I would like to do is to have a way to celebrate what I’ve done – the wins, and to look at the areas that probably need a bit more work.

This may or may not lead to goal setting or intentions – my preferred way of looking at the year ahead – for the new year.

Weekly Review

Unless you are super busy or super detailed the weekly review should take no re than 5-10 minutes. Simply add to the tasks you do to prepare for the week ahead.

For me, the ideal time is when I set up my next weekly spread or am getting ready for my week.


There are a couple of things I’d like to point out before we get into the questions.

  1. This isn’t about perfection. For one thing, it’s overrated. And it’s not an excuse to beat yourself up for not reaching the end of the impossible list of things to do.
  2. Honesty is the best. the only way you can learn and grow is by being honest with your life and yourself.

So, onto the questions. While these things can be answered in any order, I recommend that you celebrate your wins first. If you have a choice, always look for the positive things first.

  • Celebrate your wins and what got done. Always celebrate the wins first. Even the tiny ones. It is too easy to criticize what you haven’t gotten to or finished yet. Start with the positive.
  • What didn’t go as well? For me, this question lends itself to those things I intended to do but didn’t manage to. No explanations needed. And, no excuses either – things just didn’t go as planned. No beating yourself up for it.
  • What are you avoiding? This is a fabulous review question. and this isn’t just about those things you didn’t get done. Are there items you just don’t have the strength to face at this moment? If you are avoiding something, use your journal to explore this issue. Use this question as a way to grow and evolve.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Next week, we will look at a way to review your month. It is simply a way to expand on your weekly reviews and help you to prepare for the month ahead.

If you do try a weekly review, please leave a comment below. I would love to know how you look back over your week.

Until next time, Angela

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