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Fabulous YouTuber’s to Follow If You Like Bullet Journaling

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Bullet journal and supplies used by many of the YouTuber's to follow.
Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

As I’ve recently begun to bullet journal, I’ve discovered that YouTube has a fabulous collection of channels to learn from. The following is a list of my favorite YouTuber’s to follow. Even though for many of these, bullet journaling may not be the only thing they do, bullet journaling is what I am focusing on for this post.

If you watch any videos about bullet journaling on a YouTube it is so easy to get overwhelmed by all of the beautiful spreads and detailed trackers you find there. It seems that so many of the people showing up on Youtube have art degrees, or a lot of artistic talent, creating such effortless pieces of art in their journals. And, it is easy to believe that you cannot use a bullet journal in your own life.

A New Realization

Recently I was watching Rachel Steven’s on YouTube and she talked about the mistakes she has made with her own journal. She spoke of the things she would do differently and one of those was that she began to simplify her own spreads and to have fewer of them. One of the big points that she made was that the bullet journal had to make your life work better, rather than be a slave to the art (paraphrase).

The Discovery 

I took that to heart in a lot of ways. I’ve always had simple spreads and little to no art in my bullet journal spreads. Mostly, that was because I’m not artistic in that way. Creativity is another story but being able to freehand a flower is an entirely different thing.

What I have discovered is that my bullet journal is a way for me to make my life work and still reflect on my own creativity. I add color, stamps, Washi tape, and sometimes stickers. I don’t do a lot because I really like a minimalist look to my pages. Truly, I want my bullet journal to be something that adds value to my life, and not become a burden.

The List

The following list, though not extensive, are the channels I find the most helpful. As I watch them, I admire what they do, and take what will work for me. Often, I find that watching the videos gets the ideas flowing for both my own bullet journal and other projects.

I will attempt to put them into an order of most basic to most artistic. Starting with Ryder Carrol, the founder of the bullet journal method, and going through AmandaRachLee, who is so fabulous in her spreads and freehand’s all of her lines. Amazing.

The Channels

Ryder Carrol – The founder of the Bullet Journal Method. I highly recommend that you watch his videos, read his book, and study his method if you are interested in beginning to bullet journal. He began using his journal as a way to deal with the chaos in his own mind. It is something that evolved throughout his life to become what it is today. If you watch the story of how the bullet journal began, the stack of his journals (all black) is impressive. He found what works for him and has turned it into this major phenomenon.

Matt Raglan – I first encountered Matt when I began working with ConvertKit for my blog. If you are familiar, Matt was in all of the training videos to help you learn how to use Convertkit. Imagine my surprise when I found him on youtube as I was researching bullet journaling. His journals are amazing as he uses them to keep his incredibly busy life in track. His method is very minimalistic and appealing for those who really are against the artistic side of bullet journals.

Rachel Stevens – Rachel is one of my most recent discoveries. I actually found her through the video of “What I Was Doing Wrong in My Bullet Journal”. After checking out her other videos, I was amazed. She is one that started with the fancy and creative spreads who discovered that her bullet journal wasn’t working for her. So, learning from her mistakes, she simplified her spreads. They are still beautiful, and most importantly, they work for her. Also, if you are a writer, she does a lot with bullet journaling and writing, especially novels. It is an amazing thing to see and get ideas from.

Boho Berry – Has a youtube channel, an Etsy shop, and a blog. You can follow her on Instagram too. Kaya has lots of videos on bullet journaling that are fun to watch. She is an artsy type of bullet journal person but she does try to keep it simple as she explains her work. Her latest video talks about setting up for July but in such a way that anyone who is ready to take their bujo to the next level can follow. She even has templates you can print out and use in your own bullet journal, especially if you are intimidated by all of the beautiful bullet journals you see.

My Life In a Bullet – This is one that I don’t pay a lot of attention too but is also one that has begun to simplify her bullet journal. She discovered that building in flexibility to her journal was the most helpful. Her latest video, plan with me, July 2019, is an example of creating an artistic journal with stamps to make a fun and inviting layout, that also works well for planning. The beautiful thing about bullet journaling is that when life becomes really busy, your bullet journal can change with that. She explains it well in her video.

AmandaRachLee – If you are looking for inspiration for your journal, look no further. AmandaRachLee is an artist who fills her bullet journals with doodles, drawings, and color, although her latest work has a lot of white on black in it. She is the last one on my list of favorites, not because she is last, but because her style is something that I admire but am not able to emulate. I do, however, get ideas for what to do with my own bullet journal from her. Mine just is more simple and plain than hers.

I am currently following each of these YouTubers. If you have someone that you like to follow, feel free to comment below. It is always fun to discover new people and how they use their journals.

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out these channels on YouTube and I hope you’ve been inspired.

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