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In Just Five Minutes, Vol 1

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Did you know that you could journal for five minutes a day and still reap benefits?

You can!

Each week, I will be sending out five prompts to jumpstart your journal writing. You can choose to do one per day or you can pick one and write about that one all week.

The fabulous thing about journaling is that you can write about the same subject every day and, each day, learn something new.

The Five-Minute Sprint

The Five-Minute Sprint is a simple technique that you can do anywhere and at any time. When you are having a difficult day, take a break, do a 5 minute sprint to process things and go back to your day. It is a really good coping technique for quick answers, instant insight, and on-the-go-results.

When building the habit of journaling, the five-minute sprint can be helpful since it only takes 5 minutes. Of course you can do more than 5, but this is a good place to begin.

How to’s of the Five-Minute Sprint

The two-step process:

  1. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Stop writing when it’s signaled!
  2. Keep your pen or fingers moving the entire time.

Begin with the prompt: What’s going on? Or any other question you have.

And, that’s it. Easy, right?

And, now, this week’s prompts:

  • What’s going on?
  • The present moment…
  • I wish I could…
  • My goals for today are…
  • The things that are going right are…

That’s it! I hope you give this a try.

And, look for another set of prompts next week.

Until next time, Angela!

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