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Why I Bullet Journal, Part 1

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Why I Bullet Journal, Part 1

A relatively simple bullet journal!

A bullet journal saga.

I love planners. Each year in a vain attempt to find the perfect planner, I perused stores, both on and off-line. Each time I chose one, often I would find another even more wonderful and purchase that one.

Yes, I’ve spent a tone of money on planners.

A couple of years ago, I discovered Passion Planners and truly loved it. My first one was purple and in the classic A5 size. I used it thoroughly throughout the year and it worked for me.

The next year I decided to go with Passion Planner again. As usual, I purchased it early and was excited to use it. However, I began a transition very near the new year and what used to work no longer did.

You see, the size of the planner, along with my life, changed. It was bigger, not my favorite A5 size. The print was larger and that was good, but it no longer fit in my bag or my hand very well. And my job had changed, requiring even more flexibility than the Passion Planner had to offer. Growing increasingly frustrated I began to search for other options.

Enter Bullet Journals

I’d heard about bullet journaling a few years ago and had even attempted to use it without success. Other people had used it to gain control over their planner peace. Not to mention, it is infinitely flexible and relatively inexpensive. It hadn’t worked for me, until now.

My reintroduction to bullet journaling came with a book called Dot Journaling by Rachel Wilkerson Miller. I’d been researching the idea of bullet journaling and if you look on Pinterest or youtube, the beautiful creations people have made of their own journaling are a bit overwhelming. Highly creative and artistic – nothing I was capable of doing.

After reading the book, I realized that the level of creativity wasn’t necessary. I could begin my way. In fact, every recommendation I’ve found is to start simple. So I did.

Beginning Efforts

After digging through my notebook stash, I found a simple, softcover blank book. I would have preferred the dot grid but as I wanted to begin immediately (I’m a bit impatient sometimes) I was working with what I had.

I started creating a future plan, spreads that included monthly and weekly and even collections, but I knew it wouldn’t stay that way for long.The paper was rough and scratchy, unnumbered, and not good for long term writing.

So I shopped for a notebook that was more suitable and began again.

The Journal

Although bullet journaling can be done in any book. I knew I wasn’t going to be happy with anything until I got the journal I wanted. I began perusing Pinterest and YouTube and found Dingbat notebooks.

I have a few other brands that I really like and will talk about notebooks for at a later date.

Dingbat dot grid journals have all have numbered pages (a must for #bujo) and nice paper, suitable for fountain pens. Fountain pens are lovely to write with and my favorite. My journal happens to be orange, and although I’m not incredibly fond of the color, I’ve enjoyed learning to truly use my bullet journal.

The Bullet Journal Method

Learning to create your own bullet journal can feel a bit complicated. I would suggest watching Ryder Carrol’s video’s on starting your journal. He has several and can give you a good foundation to work with your planner. His book, The Bullet Journal Method, offers some in-depth information for starting your journal. I was grateful for both the books and the videos.

If you are struggling with finding planner peace, bullet journaling may be an answer for you. Because you create it yourself and add only what you need, the possibilities are endless.

I’ve used my journal for my day to day life (daily log), to help me organize my thoughts for an event (collections), kept track of my personal appointments (monthly) and even look to the future (future log) in my orange Dingbat notebook that goes everywhere with me.

Check out Ryder’s page and even peruse Pinterest and YouTube. Just don’t get overwhelmed by all of the artwork. This book is yours and you have total freedom to do what you want in the pages.

Until next time, Angela

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